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Um gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen zu bewältigen, sind Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft gemeinsam gefordert. Der WILA Bonn bringt beide Seiten zusammen.

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Nature into gray zones

Bringing nature into gray zones  - this is the motto for a campaign for unsealing and close to nature greening of urban industrial areas which started April 2013 and is led by the Bonn Science Shop.

The three-year project is funded by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the Foundation Environment and Development of NRW and the 'Lebendige Stadt' Foundation.

In addition to the direct environmental benefits, the campaign aims to raise awareness among both corporate representatives and citizens for the urban margins for biodiversity conservation in urban areas and to make them actors.

To boost the key objectives of nature protection, attention must be drawn to areas where nature protection is so far little discussed. Through  the approach to bring together representatives of business and civil society for team actions for biodiversity, the subject is placed in social areas that have hardly been considered for the implementation of relevant nature protection objectives.
In three pilot cities, Duisburg (NRW), Erfurt (TH) and Wiesloch (BW), a preferably large group of local stakeholders, companies and citizens will be won over events, an online competition and individual status-quo analysis. Contact on site are the local community foundations in the three cities.

The project finished in March 2016.


Dr. Anke Valentin
Tel. (02 28) 201 61-23
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