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Presenting in English

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27.9.2017 / Mi. 10:00-17:00 Uhr / Kosten: 110,- (erm. 79,-)


Are you about to deliver a speech in English? Presenting at a conference or workshop can be challenging, especially for non-native speakers. As an expert in your subject, you want to act with confidence on stage.

This workshop highlights the most essential communication techniques for presentations in English.
We will train on how to prepare and deliver a successful speech. You will learn how to introduce useful examples of common English phrases. An appropriate speaking style helps to underline your major statements. This is complemented by applying storytelling techniques creating vivid visual images. We will also address the delivery of clear take-home messages, and how to engage and
convince your audience during the follow-up discussion. Presentation dos and don’ts will be emphasized.

This highly interactive workshop includes both free speeches as well as presentations supported by PowerPoint. Participants presenting their individual speech will receive additional feedback.

Ziel: Advance Communication Skills

Inhalte: Stage presence, English phrases, Storytelling

Zielgruppe: Researchers, Scientists, Students, Consultants who want to improve presentation skills
in English


max. 12 Teilnehmer/innen.


Dr. Stephen Wagner, Geographer, Professional Speaker and Trainer for Research Communication.


Bildungszentrum des Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V., Reuterstr. 157, 53113 Bonn


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