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TeRRIFICA – Europe defies climate change

Heat, drought, heavy rainfall: Many people in Europe already feel the impact of climate change. In the project TeRRIFICA, the WILA Bonn (Bonn Science Shop) and partner organisations investigate how people adapt to climate change in six different European regions. And they develop solutions – together with civil society, science, administration and politics.

TeRRIFICA brings these target groups together in workshops, regional and international summer schools and excursions. The goal is to empower the people on the ground. Through these events, participants can extend their knowledge of the climate and climate change in order to develop adequate solutions. However, the project also wants to have impact by becoming a role model: A digital map will present the climate adaption projects in the project regions. For example, green oases in the cities or ways to use less water in dry areas. Based on these activities, the project develops communication strategies, action plans, and policy recommendations – in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Cleaner air, fewer floods and more biodiversity: tailor-made solutions for many regions in Europe

The six pilot regions particularly matter in this process. They are the ones who test and evaluate climate adaption measures with citizens on site. When choosing the pilot regions, the project partners made sure to include rural and urban areas that each face very different challenges. Along the Danube in Serbia and its neighboring countries, for example, people struggle with flooding; in cities in Belarus, they grapple with bad air and in Spain, they have issues with the quality of drinking water. In this way, the solutions will be customized for each region, but, on the hand, cover a range of issues. Consequently, other regions will benefit from what scientists, citizens, politics and administration have developed.

Connections to other projects and initiatives: The experience of WILA Bonn

TeRRIFICA builds on the experience of numerous other European cooperation projects as well as the insights of the WILA Bonn project “Stadt und Land im Fluss – Klimalandschaften NRW“ (KlimNet), which develops local climate adaption measures in Bonn. In TeRRIFICA, the WILA Bonn contributes this experience as well as their expertise in knowledge exchange between science and civil society, networking and citizen participation.


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TeRRIFICA is funded by the European Commission within the Program Horizon 2020 (Project ID H2020-824489).