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Vikings are often perceived as warriors from Scandinavia who threatened many regions of Europe with expeditions and raids. However, this perception ist onle one side of the activities of the Norse. They were primarily farmers, craftsmen, traders and explorers. "Expedition Greenland" offers the opportunity for learning more about the important subject of sustainability  studying the captivating history of the Vikings in Greenland.

Foto Lernbox WILAThe aim of the 2-year project "Expedition Greenland" was to create educational material that provides attractive access to sustainable development topics and allows for interdisciplinary teaching. The emphasis has been placed on learning through enquiry as the approach particularly enhances the competence of Learning to Learn. The material adresses pupils between 12 and 15 years.

An introduction, as well as background information, can be found in the manual for teachers. All exercises and material can be downloaded free of charge below.

The material is completed by a box of material with real objects and more resources. Teachers can borrow it from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The material is also available in German and, shortly, in Danish.


Part 1: Learning sustainability from the Vikings

Introduction Part 1

A Where is Greenland

B Interpretation of Artefacts from the Norse settlements

C Establishement of the settlements

D Simulation of change in Norse Greenland

E Norse adaption

Part 2: Greenland today

Introduction Part 2

F Foto Quiz Greenland or not

G Timeline of the recent history of Greenland

H Local observation of climate change

I Fishing practices and value chains

J Strategies of young Greenlanders

Part 3: Climate change and its impact globally

Introduction Part 3

K Climate change Fact or opinion

L Mind-Mapping Climate Change

M Destination Tuvalu

N How do we deal with the challenges of climate change in Europe

Part 4: Cooperation for sustainability

Introduction Part 4

O Sustainability of fish production and fish consumption

P Roleplay: EU and Greenland, working towards a common future

Q Summary of learning